Friday, January 11, 2013

My Favorite Fruit

Nectarine, it is one of my favorite fruit along with water melon, mango, and of course persimmon  is the my very very best, I like peach too, most sweet lots of juices, also apples.   I can have crunch crunch five nectarines at once, mind you, and I don’t have them for few days, also  persimmon too but I never tired of having them every day for while and until tired of them. Our house in Korea we have swelling of nectarine peach trees, of course, endless neatly lines of fenced persimmon trees, such beautiful leaves at autumn  snowy knuckled branches red persimmons hangs on…that is  such splendorous trees…   I found New Zealand persimmons are one of the world best; but Australia is not import Kiwi persimmons, which is pity!   


Very sweet persimmons, they are very best having them at cold winter day and while read cartoons  or story books! So I know how to have fruit in childish best style!  I don;t envy of you who are born and brought up at city you have no idea of what I am talking about it!