Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Arming FSA is the Solution

HERE and Here  AND HERE  Massacre 

The FSA revolutionary must armed so that they can fight butcher assad  and brings forward precise victory past forward! That is only way end this conflict, before then you should not expect anything that make any different  this tragic humanity! 

 Identified 20 dead people, were one family,  they are  Muslims civilian, only butcher Assad gained from  this tragic sectarian fight no one else.  Because also blames should goes the world as they failed to prevent this earlier so that  prevent this conflict become full blown radicalization and sectarian.  This from CNN

Abu Faris, an opposition spokesman in the Aleppo countryside, said the names of 20 of the victims were confirmed by families, who said their relatives were arrested and detained by Air Force Intelligence in Aleppo. The agency is regarded as one of the government's most important and notorious units.