Tuesday, February 28, 2012

13 People’s life For One Person?

God-Dammed World!

How could you say this? Why 13 Syrian Activists lives are less important than one journalist? That is so unfair that is why, I am not saying circumstance, but the mission was that much dangerous, they could have been or should have known that there would be inevitable causalities,  then why not let one person life take the risk which  is much less than sum of 13 lives?   Remember the 13 activists are all precious sons’ brothers and fathers in their loved one. Above of all Syrian people same as rest of world!!!!  Yes world of phonies! Hooray the world of masquerade ball for human right conventions!  Slick their pearl necklaces, gaggling mouthful compassion of lustrous twiddles.   What a appalling world of human right or something…!  Well fairness gangbang bang bang!   Collective decency is the world conscience harlotry.  So many people die each day but few western journalists death were so honored and sensational publicized but all the nameless activists and innocence’s were bunch of corsages world phones masquerade ball. Hoping well use of their life in your snobbish candor!  Unfair Unfair Unfair 

Update: Media a huge publicised on their own kinship the two journalists free! But how about same equal rank of reporting Syrian people suffering! Do you think world media loves the world of conflicts like sadists so that they have plenty of things reporting!They are vultures, but they consider themselves like Tibetan sky burial sacred animals, immense appetiser for the dead rotten meats, smellier and stinker the better, they are not interesting clean fresh meat!  Flee dark room where no one see but their own laxest lenses eyeballing their catch rotten meats clewing maggots!