Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beautifully Famine

What a nice room, cannons of lovely painting, scrambling crystals sounds with finest china,  silver tongue chitchat, ethos finest starched at morning table, beautifully lay back well portioned powerful pillars!!!  But do you see there is no window for sunlit, talking stoic caddies of hunger, piracy and war don’t need sunlight. They need canonization of their mission that is why no window for sunlight. Sunlight can see everything. Dark mirrored wolfish soul searching!  Nice nice power can be beautiful so they are talking about cling crystal glass with silvery plated hunger with snarling lovely painting, hee heee they need sweet candies… they are certainly not coarse little candy kings in your corners street for sure! Grace can afford to finest child hunger on their sliver plate,  Hee hee… grace can be a whore’s garter belt slippery pins.