Friday, February 3, 2012

Frosty Frost Shameless Love

Love taboo winter flowers, are they blind folded by season?  A given faith, against season only blooms at spring to summer, finest garment frosty scarf in their faces standing at their station that is splendors of couturier fortitude. You know they are the finest chivalrous souls of debts depth . Summer blooms their own beauty, shallow, no debts depth they never worked hard to blooms flowers but winter is different. Super strength, inside outside, tony leaves, thorny knuckles, torn branches,  shivering lips,  they create scandalous love where is seasoned  taboos, victims of bully wind, when the frost weathered away their mouths also cracks its particulars wounds.  You know scandalized wind, taboo goofy frost  love affair and forever their love land.

BTW : The picture were all from Google