Monday, February 27, 2012


I am listening this again! So this is my song for the Syrian fighters their struggles! 

Here is raining, after real heat, thinking over things, there are lots of people Homs cold and hungry, amazing bravery, supreme human spirits, learning from their fortitudes their endurance and super resilience, the archetype of super human.  If I called them they are beautiful and graceful,   I may insult their dignity because that are not enough! But I don’t know any other word better than beauty and graces, to describe of their struggles endurance their patience! A  haunting baby his last breath in his little world, blooms of frosty intended spring, shucked battered  children bodies littered on the concretes streets,  their eyes open to the sky, but their souls are jewel of Syria,  forever ever  blooms promising their spring!  

When you are walking with rain feel soft and comfort, it doesn’t mater how wet it is, becase we come from water, we made from water that is why, cities, streets, wonder around with dusky, neon lights blisters their mouths for sounds, you know there is incredible ugliness I have seen, actually they are stupidest human souls you come across, wonder they begotten too, phonies, who believes their own phonies. Their endings are all the same, cut their own throats. Nice to think that world is not made from  phonies but actually made from genuine ingenuity.      

Here is lots of “DO IT’ going on, all we say is that “speed up your do it!” carried right now!  World is moving snail speed, while  unarmed civilian  are dying with full speed. There is lots of hypocrisy of human right movement too, they are like bunch of phony Michelangelo, painting humanity with phony artist venire. Be practical when innocence civilian are killed by a hopeless tyranny régime, you can not win the game by being phony con-artists full of headgears and sitting phony chair, farting magus and fungus phony crystal ball game. Why don’t you acutely go there and see what the demented assad regime is doing.