Friday, February 3, 2012

Million Steps Begin With The Very First Step

North Korea opens door to talks with South Korea - From PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP)

Here is how N Korea and S Korea speak;
 But Ri Son Gwon, a colonel working for the Policy Department of the North's powerful National Defense Commission, also challenged South Korea to "state to the world whether it honestly intends to enter into dialogue with us."
 But South Korea's Unification Ministry released a statement Thursday saying it regrets the North's "unreasonable claims as part of its propaganda at an important juncture for peace" and "does not feel the need to respond to these questions put forth by North Korea one by one."
 Here is two brothers word slanging match, word game of panm. But this is better than nothing are you not agree? All but sad, but one thing why solders? probably that Army is in the power that they try to say?   Hey North you can not afford to be bullshit bogus in here, South is your brother!  

If the North K army uses that energy and discipline to constructive instead destructive they can change things around surly, they are the very finest spirit of celadon?  You know you are the force of nation, the nation mean the people not the regime. Your job is protecting nation not the regime, regimes changes but the nation never changes.  Then you know where you stand.