Tuesday, February 21, 2012

G20 or 20g!

It is very courage people and unbelievably sad to see the children eyes,  as always children suffer most! 

This From Al Jazeera

World armed the Syrian fighters, armed the Syrian people, give them what they want give them weapons, what would you do if you see your child died in that way! 

This From CNN

AND Reuters: G20 or 20g

So this is from ME! 

The 20g leaders would have jovial time under  matron of a great sunshine warm their fat bums,  grace of their impotent unable to kick others ball out of their parable chicken shit! While Syrian children on the dark cold under ground and gritting teeth with hunger, cold and fear. Day after day shelling goes on…!  You know 20g!? What is good thing about having power? Obliviously G20 or if you don’t do anything within next few days you may end up 20g, that is right you are little coward 20g! You may be end up, if not too careful,  the useless loveless piddling 20g,  a nest for doomed tyranny Assad scratched scrambling piddling dish. You are on cross road, whether you are going to be 20g or G20. You know when you are truly powerful G20, you would or should also benevolence. The little Mr buck at the corner street he made a quick few bob at his candy   trade as he may be crown himself king of his candy bar street corner, he may showered his wife for diamond studs etc...,  but he would never become the King of Place at the town center. So what is gonner be? You should help Syrian fighters in any way in everyway!? Or not?  Obviously Russia and China went to see loser kittle-neck Assad and some kind of deals for themselves, in return promising him not cut off his oxygen code for sustain few days longer for his feeble heartbeat, well how long?  Well he is good as dead, he is dead!  Why not rest of Friend of Syrian people you should do the same, you give Syrian people  what they want! Help them whatever they want, Syrian people would most grateful for your kind help for sure! Ever forever! Do not let them down; if you do that you will be forever ever 20g  

P.S. You know international politics very very dirty, two or many faced, you have to wear many masks, there is no principles, there is no credo, there is no friends  just sheer of survival, yesterday enemy today bosom friend, today bosomed friend tomorrow deadly enemy.  Well we all know that from our cradle then why not you just back up wining side, Syrian people, and the Opposition, inevitable, what is going to happen!? We have seen Libya elsewhere what is like to be tyranny endings…