Friday, February 24, 2012

Syrian Heroic Struggle is the Supreme of Human Spirit

 -- Officially recognize the Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.
 -- Establish a special U.N. Commission of Inquiry along the lines of Darfur.
-- Refer the senior leadership of the al-Assad regime to the International Criminal Court.
-- Provide humanitarian air drops of food and medicine to besieged communities.
-- Keep the global spotlight on the Assad regime and its atrocities....
The heroic struggle in Syria today represents the best of the human spirit. It is fundamentally about the most basic political value we take for granted in the West, the right of a people to self-determination. It deserves our full support.
I would like to add three more to the above as:
-- Arming the Free Syrian Army or the revolutionaries defend themselves. 
 -- Tightening up code around Assad neck sanction tightly, there is no breathing, until chocking and until his death, economical isolation.
--  Diplomacy  isolation,  all the “Friends of Syria call back their  ambassadors and boots out Assad régime representatives   in their countries.

This human spirit is deed of our freedom, torches of goodness, the world should cherishes and support Syrian people struggle and their endeavors!  

Well “ Friends of Syria” they have nice cool things around, up there slinky drone  20,000 or 30,000 meters high, few of the things bang bang… would be very nice,  slinky super nerds can be  killers to Assad but  they are “ Friends of Syria” so bang bang… nice things always nice I love slinky super nerds  drones they are my best friends.