Sunday, February 26, 2012

Toppling Assad

Hillary Clinton says Syrian military mayoust President Assad
"We also know from many sources that there are people around Assad who are beginning to hedge their bets … they didn't sign up to slaughter people," Clinton said.
Clinton cited the cases last year of Tunisia and Egypt, where militaries stepped in to remove longtime autocratic leaders after popular protests. 
I think this work, it make sense, if some form of  guarantee Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam commanders,  it is highly  like that happen. They don’t want to a long civil war, where there would no winners but only Syria would be suffer most,  there is no possible mediation left over with Assad.   So if the military coup is the best things can happen to the Syrian people.  

The military must work for the nation not the tyranny regime, removal Assad simple and clean, save the nation. Assad killed so many innocence civilians, the military must stand for the nation, stand for the people not the regime, and regime can be changed but not the nation not the people.  Syrian military is protecting the nation that is their honorable duty.  Untarnished reputation of protector of the nation, they must stand before the best interest of the  nation and the best interest of the  people not the killing regime.   

So the Syrian military honorable  duty is toppling Assad, custodian of the Syrian people interest!