Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Kill Two Rabbit One Arrow?

Very simple but very difficult tame the beast Nice things always share, that is including  your lovely things from Krugman Blog so I steal and sharing with you! 

As always awesome cool visuals display a tasty feast for you, simple nice! I wish this world mad for all visual so that you don’t have to read all the things but just a scan! I know you would say “you must read… all of them… well I am not a Google slave to read all the stuff on Google”… that is right Google is my wiz slave…!@

Gather Update: It is bit still dark but this may can helpclear up I think

Another thinking update: I have been thinking of this Phillips Curve, relations with North Korea, it is essentially  capitalist market driven economic application? I read somewhere N Korea used have a small scale of open markets around, but the government banned them because prices of  goods went up sky rocket, that is part of inflation but then there is no relations of employment issues.   It is strange diagnoses? All the state owned enterprises, state owned jobs or no jobs, there is no job market, but jobs for all or no jobs for all. whether you have job or not all the same!?