Saturday, February 18, 2012

Korean For Korean Defectors

South Koreans Protest China’s Plan to Repatriate North Koreans

Protesters have rallied outside the Chinese embassy in the South Korean capital against Beijing's plans to repatriate 33 recent refugees from North Korea.
North Korean defector Hue Kang-il says that if these people are returned, they will be publicly executed or sent to a labor camp.
“We Korean people are responsible for North Korean defectors not to be repatriated to North Korea forcibly. China have ignored the international human rights laws, U.N. resolutions and U.N. agreements, and have repatriated North Korean defectors to North Korea forcibly — that is an inhumane and immoral behavior, especially by one of G2 nations.''...
We, Korean people are responsible for North Korean defectors that are our brothers and sisters; China should respect international human right convention. Chinese government should deal with them according the UN resolution and international human rights laws. If they want to enjoy statue of G20, they should maintain their respectability in the world community.