Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Every Day Is Valentine Day For Lovers!

A man in Amouda holds a banner saying Sorry Valentine, Homs is my lover [Reuters]

True  love is forever!  Every days Valentines Syrian fighters

From Syria  with Love - CNN

Nir Rosen: In much of the country, entire communities are involved in the uprising. It is difficult to generalise about their socio-economic backgrounds. The revolution is strongest in rural areas, the smaller cities and the working class,shaabi, areas of Homs, Damascus and Aleppo. But there are also many wealthy and educated activists in the revolution. 
 In many opposition strongholds people are socially conservative. In part this is a function of economic class since working class areas have been most active in the uprising. Residents in such areas generally have more grievances motivating them to rise up and they are more likely to take part in the armed struggle. 

Getting rid of Bashar Assad requires a united opposition, the creation of a safe haven and Western resolve ...
Stand up as one 
To make that promise credible, Syria’s fractious opposition must unite. A contact group of outside powers and the opposition could channel money into Syria, as well as help with communications and logistics. With a single voice and a credible leader, the opposition could seek to reassure the merchants, Kurds and Christians who back Mr Assad that they will be safer and more prosperous without him. The Russians would also begin to shift ground. Mr Putin enjoys standing up to the interfering West, not least for domestic political reasons (see article), but sticking with a doomed leader could cost Russia its naval-supply base in Tartus and its arms exports. The more senior officials and army officers defect from the regime, the more likely Mr Putin is to change sides too.
 To help persuade them, Turkey, with the blessing of NATO and the Arab League, should create and defend a safe haven in north-western Syria. The FSA can train fighters there, and a credible opposition can take shape. Turkey seems willing to do this, providing it gets Western support. The haven would be similar to that created for the Kurds in northern Iraq; Mr Assad would suffer only if he attacked it.
The Economist says most sensible way for your love struggle 

(Reuters) - China said on Thursday it would send a senior diplomat to Syria as it steps up efforts to mediate in the Syrian crisis after being scolded by the West and many in the Arab world for vetoing a U.N. resolution calling for Syria's president to step down.

China's ruling Communist Party mouthpiece, the People's Daily, said in a commentary foreign meddling in Syria risked stirring up a hornets' nest of instability in the Middle East, which could shock markets and derail a weak global economy.
 "The political ecology in the Middle East is extremely frail, a tangled mess of thousands of years of ethnic and religious conflict," the People's Daily said on Thursday.
World powers must realise this and handle bloodshed in Syria and Middle East tension with a sense of realism, it said, noting that the spread of conflict would be a "catastrophe" in a crucial phase of global economic recovery.
"The Middle East is the world's most important fuel depot. If gripped by chaos, oil prices would skyrocket, shocking the stock market, financial systems and economies," the paper said.
Finally China come to senses, well yes certainly China can not afford the world economy slow down again, let alone unable to grow double digit continually, that can be dangerous their own uprising.   

So Syrian it is crucial next few week, it is crucial for the fighters!Must united all side of fighters.