Thursday, February 21, 2013

Criminal Assad Dodge Game

Criminal Assad's job, through this destruction butcher Assad try to portray he is  hunting annihilating “ terrorist”. There are few reasons this can not be FSA,  but criminal Assad his propaganda blow up  for the world his justification of war against Syrian people as:
i)                    Yesterday Russia and Arab League made a statement  that they are cohort of  dialog both side of regarding setting up  transitional government,
iii)                World community  referring to criminal Assad to the unsc for war crime trial ICC,
iv)                Russia sitting at fences, evacuation of Russia people Syria,
v)                  Ground lots of Islamist gain( criminal hoping US change its mind to his side),
vii)              The location is near Russian embassy; near Baath Party headquarter, near Iraq refugee and Christian populated area,  aiming evocation hostility feeling of the revolutionary and also credibility to criminal for blaming FSA' job. 
viii)             Immediately after the blow up,  several people speak out, through criminal assad controlled media;  a man very clean shape without much emotion condemned “ Islamist…etc…“  and the woman is very good acting, few blood painting her face, nicely slightly disheveled hair,   speaks of well practiced  a cabaret singer who is tacky sterilized seduction of world audience to condemn  “ FSA…goddam  etc”  without any emotion, she not forget mentioned she come Iraq...etc,  if any woman who is in a real in this situation she would be  completely disoriented hardly  speak any words for sure….   

Sheer of deadly attacking annihilation party  both side, criminal Assad will do  more this kind destruction which he has been many times before.  US blacklisted al-Nusra unpremeditated or premeditated advantage for criminal Assad ( Russia too) war against Syrian people, name of  hunting for “ terrorist” and his annihilation  of Syria.

The FSA is denied its role of  this attack!