Wednesday, February 20, 2013

US Snail Speed Art of Diplomacy

So here's a prediction for the next few months of Obama administration policymaking on Syria:
Kerry will make his trip. He will appeal to Assad to negotiate with the opposition and entreat Russia to end its aid to Syria. But those efforts will show indifferent results.

Then he'll come back to the White House and say it's time to revive the proposal that Clinton and Petraeus made last August for aid to Syria's armed rebels.

Obama will be caught in the middle again. He will have to make the call. But this time there won't be an election campaign underway, and the problems of Syria, along with the spillover problems for its neighbors, will have escalated.

Obama may find it harder to say no this time. But if he says yes, he'll have to explain why he waited seven months, during which both time and lives were lost.

O man people life fleeting within second by missiles bombs, last 8 weeks  refugees doubled, another 8 weeks another  5-6  million will be displace external  internally while US  her snail speed  art of   diplomacy of  swing backward forward middle of nowhere and everywhere kind of spring sparing matches. US should think lighting speed in her head please! We are bit bitter US lethal fire-breathing speed!   Anyway in my personal view, this criminal assad thought  Sectary  of State Kerry was his ally, but it turn out to be criminal calculation is wrong, that is why criminal  lunched  massive attack on civilian and he  tells “he is going to win” hoping  he can change  Mr Kerry thinking, he is so stupid he doesn’t understand  that” if let him alive what is future of Syria?”   that can be alone easily sealed his faith 

 Another articles from Al Arabiya says President Obama may change his mind to arming FSA 

Obama may reconsider arming opposition forces in Syria: report 

...With the situation in Syria continually deteriorating, U.S. officials could re-open the debate on whether to provide weapons to select members of the opposition, the New York Times reported Tuesday.
Hoping, there is no more election and change his mind fast past forward speed!