Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EU Non-Lethal-Arms for Lethal Battle

Criminal Assad using this bomb attacking civilian Aleppo 

Civilian is searching for life from criminal Assad attack 
...The regime has been used against the inhabitants of milking since the beginning of the revolution, sticks, swords and knives, bullets and tear gas, and then mortars, heavy artillery, tanks, and helicopters, and then flying the MiG, and rocket launchers, and more recently-and I don't think it would be the last Scud missile destroyer-...
Here  Criminal Assad troops pour into Syria's Aleppo  a major battle    
The world , thank you very much for super-hypochondria  for arming FSA " just in case they may end up terrorist " fearful shivering under their comfy blanket. You know US and UK and France their terrible inferiority conscious of Russia! their profoundly worry how they look, and shivering terror terror terrorism attack but they forget what outcome might be at Syria! EU sinister foreign ministers ganged only non-lethal minds to the protecting civilians who are in bombshell field, their none-lethal minds can not think of lethal does of  effectiveness.Could we have some lethal does into these EU ministers, evoke them to  some lethal thinking?

Criminal Assad calculates preparing his attacking Aleppo as just before the ICC bring to their findings from Syrian conflicts  to unsc to refer to the ICC,  this from  the Guardian as: 
 "...Syrian leaders should be brought before the International Criminal Court(ICC) to face justice for murder and torture, UN investigators urged on Monday as the EU renewed its blanket arms embargo on both sides inSyria's bloody conflict....Carla del Ponte, the former chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, who is working on a rolling UN inquiry into Syria, said high-level perpetrators had been identified and insisted the Hague court should act. 
"Now really it's time ... We have a permanent court, the International Criminal Court, who would be ready to take this case," she said in Geneva. ,  
We are hoping benevolences Gulf States and Turkey lethal arm to FSA...