Thursday, February 7, 2013

US Snail Vision See the Light

Panetta: Defence Department backed arming Syrian opposition groups

FSA Heroes In Aleppo 

WASHINGTON - Defence Secretary Leon Panetta is saying for the first time that the Defence Department backed the idea of providing arms to opposition groups in Syria.
Until Thursday, the Pentagon had only said publicly that U.S. policy is to give only humanitarian assistance to rebels battling President Bashar Assad's regime. Providing arms has been the subject of ongoing internal administration debate.

Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said President Barack Obama made the final decision against arming the rebels.
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US slowly slowly take time long yawn, stretch and  moan waken up thinking that arming FSA …after cost  more then 65,000 people … so US not wake up even bed less than 65,000 people life! But never too late wake up is wake up! Bit fast fast deployment Demacuse and Homs especially fast from now on...antiaircraft missiles  and SAM   and this antitank missiles too  fast deployment Damascus and Homs especially, FSA heroes very very superior on the ground, moral is supremo high,  large defection when they can get these cool arms they bring their victory fast forward! Terrorist butcher criminal assad day of his breathing is truly numbered. All the Syrian people make sure they know that they are all victim of criminal Assad manipulation so make no sectarian..., it is hard but that is they way,  no sectarian that the way save wholly Syria as Syria!    

Credit: REUTERS/Mohammed Abdullah
FSA heroes getting stronger and stronger, airstrike is the problems, they are imminently superior ground fighting! Now US fast speedo thinking arming FSA may be this tragic civil war fast forward to FSA heroes decisive victory!