Monday, February 11, 2013

Grilled Fish

Korean grilled fish not much different than western style grilled fish, yam yam my favorites dishes! I am  not really expert in grilling but trials  and errors many times, say two times of out ten I am right! you have to learn how to cook simple things otherwise you have reliance tin food, no one cook for you, as  you were served as your childhood and student days! Good old days!!!You didn't worry about these things all these nice delicious food  right front of you, you just lift chopstick and spoon and listening alders unless you were asked you never talk but resiliently silently slowly...!!!

Update: Korean food, we have lots of side dishes, been thinking of,  why it is so difficult learn to cook Korean dishes, all the ingredients  are very traditional, it take weeks or months long processing, may be years to mature, - I think I am not sure all the procedures- ready to  applies to cooking. I think you have to tacit knowledge of cooking Korean food, it is not matter of you learn few days cooking class but generation to generation hand down secret receipts and skills, each family unique way to cook.  That is why so difficult to learn, not only me but most of my generation they would be hopeless kitchens, but luckily they have supermarkets for all the traditional style of food but they are not same taste. Good old days!