Sunday, February 24, 2013

Syrian Revolution Of Human Dignity Commands World Of Consciences!

Thousand of Syrian people was tortured inhumanly sadistically to death by criminal Assad, now world is silences his crime and Syrian people suffering and Russia supports him with money weapon for this kind atrocities!  Warning it is immensely inhuman, to make you angry  human dignity violet in this way!  

From Al Jazeer

I have seen this clip before, it was so unbelievable sadist inhuman torture  I could not post in here before but I have seen  Al-Jazeer post its blog again  so I am posting now for world audience, for their understanding why the world  should not silence for this kind inhuman torture, what the great Syrian people suffering is, why the world should support them! This is one of them, some are more more  gruesome, many more torture gruesome killing clips around!  Syrian people rightfully indignant the world’s  silences of the criminal Assad committing atrocity,  as  their great struggle deserve worldly support  and their revolution of  human dignity commands  world of consciences!