Wednesday, February 13, 2013

US made the Bed... Have to Sleep with it

 "But we owe it to ourselves, we owe it to the Syrian people and the region and the world to make every effort to explore ways to achieve that negotiated outcome, and we intend to do that."…

US et al never acted owed it to themselves  if they did Syria never blow up like this also the best fighting  group put them as “ al-Quad” association on black list, that made a heaven for butcher Assad, since then death toll rises triples,  the butcher  carried out mass killing under banner of “ hunting terrorists” knowing, every decision we make bears risky, no decision without risk but, we make weighting reward vs risk, if reward is 1% greater or equal  we go for the reward. Now, or before when people stand up for themselves that is beginning of the butchers ending. They never backward, 1980s Hama, the butcher's   father wiped off the uprising. But now different, Syrian median age 21-22 years around, literacy 78% or so. They know what they want, technology made them to see what is going out side their spaces which no longer regime able to control…etc.  that make us thinking one way street to the people desire.  US et all stood up precise action. i.e. arming FSA if that case this may different course, already  butcher is killed or exile, yes hindsight it can be this or that  but few facts we can consider 1) International community inaction, the criminal butcher assad, so much time  manipulated his alwaite- they are now existential fight- fearful them they think "without assad we will be wipe out", 2)   because large of military personals, or officials of regimes ( the butcher side)  hesitated defection because they worry about  FSA firepower.If massive defection that  would make a huge difference.   3) Russia sitting at the fence, all the ego mongering, see where is the wind blow...  which suite Putin – strong-man-invincible-crap-trap-unsc, So this butcher thinks as long as kissing Putin foot slavery he can do whatever he likes… Putin gets all joy currently expenses of  Syria statehood and million of Syrian people suffering. This US et al made  the bed, so they have to sleep with it!