Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ground Gain

Syria crisis: Rebels 'seize northern air base'- BBC

...Amateur video posted on the internet appeared to show rebels overrunning the air base, with helicopters and fighter jets on the tarmac and in shelters.
The FSA heroes moral high, ought to be over ride, butcher Assad personal military's FSA have fighters jets...


Rebels seize Syria's largest dam, controlling water and electricity supplies to wide areas

Syrian rebels have scored one of their biggest strategic victories since the country's crisis began two years ago, capturing the nation's largest dam and iconic industrial symbol of the Assad family's four-decade rule. 
Rebels led by the al-Qaida-linked militant group Jabhat al-Nusra now control much of the water flow in the country's north and east, eliciting warnings from experts that any mistake in managing the dam may drown wide areas in Syria and Iraq.

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Congratulation! The Great People of Syria, gleam of hope gleam of light for their great struggle! The courageous  people,  must the heaven listen the great people's calling, their great journey, their great standing their sufferings, heroic spirits spread their  blood to the virgin soil, where  the heroes' laurel dancing with giant feet maidens where the heroes sacrifices their life  they will return with a great freedom songs, they will sing gates of heavenly altar, they called themselves giant feet warriors!