Thursday, February 21, 2013

Criminal Assad Killing Syrain People under the unsc Auspiciousness of Guidance

UN only helped criminal assad, the aid only able to come through criminal assad controlled boarder, what this mean is that effectively criminal assad using the international aid for his  destruction which is helped by unsc,  Russia not only helped criminal assad money weapons and also through unsc veto for criminal Assad justifiable destruction until whole Syria will be completely turn into ash!  So obviously assad calculated first place, the criminal  never intent to  keep promises aid for all areas but only his control area, also UN why not just go across the boarder, million people dying for, why they keep saying " atrocity ....atrocity..." still stand the unbelievable criminal permission for entering to save lives of millions?  what is this mean is the  criminal butcher using the international aid for his surviving   tool under auspiciousness of guidance of unsn,  cost of millions of people agony. befit to their " the world peace of security" So the aid donors is International community, intent for the Syrian people impartial, but this effectively controlled by criminal assad under the custodianship of unsc!