Sunday, February 24, 2013

Green Onion for Heart Disease

Eating green onions is the best prevention of the risk of heart disease and stroke.  From Dr Mohammad

According to the study, the green onion contains a "albolotin" one of the major components of the colorful and alflavonidat compounds in the vegetables and flowers, which are characterized by their ability to reduce some early signs of heart disease and prevent sudden cardiac arrest. 
The study said that the intake between 100 and 200 g of green onions at a rate of three times a week to do magic in this regard, given that the onions are a good source of albolotin that use it quickly in the stomach, liver and metabolism in human blood.
This component is also directly related to human tissue and endothelial function as blood vessels which have an impact on the safety of the arteries, reduces inflammation and disorders that cause later in heart disease and stroke. 
The study said that the article "albolotin" also exists in different types of tea and apples, but less than those in the green onions.
I know this name spring onion, they are terrible of bad breath along with garlic...