Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Syrian Leader Statement

The below from: the Syrian Leader Mr Moaz al-Khatib Facebook  

Suspend the visit to Rome and the United States and Russia
The National Coalition for the revolutionary forces and the Syrian opposition is that the international silence toward the crimes committed every day against our people is to participate in the ongoing slaughter two years ago.

Hundreds of unarmed civilians, some say because of Scud missile bombardment, and being the destruction of the city of history and civilization systematically Aleppo, in addition to the millions of displaced people, and hundreds of thousands of prisoners, the wounded and orphans.

Protest against this shameful international position leadership of the coalition has decided to suspend its participation in the Rome conference of friends of Syria, and the failure to meet the invitation to visit Russia and the United States of America.

We carry the Russian leadership has a special responsibility for moral and political being still supports the weapons system.

We call on all the peoples of the world since the week of March 15 to 22 is the second anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution week of mourning and protest all over the world.

The Syrian people with all its components the neighborhood and courageous people, and freedom and dignity will remain a requirement not to give it up.

Bumper tribute to our martyrs, and freedom for our great people, no matter how long the road.