Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Under Name of Defensive

Grumbling grumbling myself...

US Army Patriot air defense missile battery
Latterly, or always been, US et al  saying only arming defensive weapons for the  FSA, but thinking of defensive means can be anything everything at all fierce civil battle  front lines, hundreds of people have been killed every single day. US et al hoping not monocles of along side rest of the world flaking sparing their sneering word game for passing time. Anyway defensive can be also attacking too, how can you defensive without attacking? Attacking is also part of defensive! This not a parrots’ game but you killed them or you to be killed by them, blasting attacking is best defensive sometimes!  Faithless Russia its faithful promises to criminal Assad, provide such defensive  airspace weapons for fatal airstrikes  to innocence  children civilians relentlessly last few weeks was part of criminal  defensive deadly airstrike against so many innocence children. So last 23 month criminal assad deployed deadly weapons to war against the Syrian people was his defensiveness, while the world fold hands watching his killing spectacles  as past time sadists’ defensive diplomacy!
UK defensive nuclear armed submarine 

And unsc permanent members states, under name of defensive, build horded their massive nuclear weapon in their backyards,  defensive weapons at the sky and at deep waters that is called defensive.

In my view, seeing this international community inaptness inaction also dead dumb useless of unsc  to Syria, there is people  around world whoever wish to rise against their tyrants is certainly not encouraging but discouraging them,  that is why many countries perhaps inside their mind wishfully start thinking to build their own nuclear weapons for their self protection! Every countries need to build their own defensive weapons for their own protection! 
A U.S. F-16 fighter jet defensive

SO Who is going to defend the defenseless innocent children and civilance in Syria, if FSA no weapons to defend themselves? Gosh are you not boiling your blood for this dummy world? They are so defensively dimwit!  FSA may be get around  the dimwits!!!