Monday, February 4, 2013

What I am having at My hiking

A question about my 8 hours/7 days  hiking spree from my inbox. A reader have asked what sort of food I am having  during the  “hiking” anyone able to 8 hours hiking for a week. My body need more than just energy to burn but also nutrient. Body tells you  whether I fit for hiking or not, you have to listen body not you tell the body! Every people can be different.  The below are roughly  my diet during the hiking spree as;    
Simpson Desert Sunset 

1) Breakfast: 
a) A mixed cereal- uncooked untoasted grains nuts fruits with milk.
b) Some cherries (tin is ok too.) with yogurt.  
b) Coffee black.
c)  Multivitamin (I drink lots of water I don’t drink any other instant drink)
2) Morning snack: banana and apple some cherries
3)Lunch:  Peanut butter (salt free) and jam sandwich (I like it very much),  tuna, steamed sweet potato, cabbages.
4) Afternoon snack; mixed health bar crunch nuts with honey- yam yam.
5) Dinner:
a) Grilled fish I like them very much, or chicken without sauces (the reason I don’t have sauce is that I can not digest).
b) Rices ( I have to have rice)
c) Fresh salad table spoon of olive oil salt paper.     
d) Some ice-cream (O yes!  I have to kind to me) deep appreciation of my body provides me such hard work!   
d) No more than one or two glasses of chilled sauvignon banc( I have to very careful not drink too much as when you are thirsty you tend drink more, so I always drink least  two glass of water before the dinner so that I  don’t drink much wine while  having dinner.

My Korean diet tend to very salty, so when I am travailing even not “hiking” I am careful of salty food. These are  what I am having while my hiking (without warrant) but it works for me.

Normal days I am having once a day - dinner, sometimes I had to have business lunch which I hate afterward I can not work so I try to void lunch meetings but dinner business I enjoy them very much and morning a toast and fruits, lots of fruits during the day and sometimes I treat myself, ice cream, chocolates, naturally I don;t have junk food because my backward village up bring! My taste of food conventional humble unadventurous!   

 After long day hiking, very  importantly I do have my yoga stretch, body response lovely and very tired, hot bath( sauna is excellence for after long day!) and cold shower afterward, and have a nice dinner and long dreamless sleep, bounce back in the morning with sunbeam flowers birds and start again. You don’t need to think anything else!  There is lots of tour guides around, they are a great! But you can go yourself, many people travailing by themselves now days, well developed systems and tracks, accommodation around, you can sleep wild too but in  my case I must sleep in the bed, a creature of comfort! Lodges around are  accommodating everything you need, it is getting better year after year! Lots of option available in many ways for new beginners.  But you need more than just  fit for 8 hours hiking.  I am doing bit of extreme at the times that is me! Some people stay out wild alone for some days, they are truly great toughy, extreme of extreme! Avoid middle of summer, spring is the best and autumn too, you have to know how to manage your water for yourself, then you know water is the precious thing in your life! During the hiking I think a lot and I don’t think at all!

Update: Mind you my hiking experience is around Australia and New Zealand mostly! One of my joy is visiting old settlers sites and stations of outback, isolated areas and ruins, learning the frontier spirit! Lovely weathered old stone houses, little cottages and glims of their life.

By the way, I am not a hiker as sake of hiking but I am enjoying walking long distant, there is lots of walking tracks around. I don’t want any complication for my enjoyment. You never know what is like to be walking alone for nice weather all the nature is all your friends and talking to them talking to sky to bird wild flowers, life all the life, all the problems solving come to your heard and become very kind to yourself others also empowered!