Friday, October 26, 2012

Terrorist Assad Regime Lying


The Syrian army said on Friday it was responding to attacks by armed rebels that were in violation of a temporary ceasefire agreed for a four-day Muslim holiday.
"Armed terrorist groups attacked military positions, thereby clearly violating the halt to military operations agreed by the army command. Our valiant armed forces are responding to these violations and pursuing these groups," the military said in a statement read on state television.
FSA revolutionary certainly not good guys as they don;t need to be but they are not liars, what we have seen if they give their word to international community, for them they have no reason to broke their  promises, as they are not gaining by doing that, BUT this criminal assad regime is lair, they are eat  and sleep with lies, everything lies as the regime based on lie , so the accepting trace, but they accepted because of sake of lie as their survival.