Friday, October 26, 2012

"Our Revolution is not Religious"

Kafranbel attacks Pope

Protesters in the rebel strong hold of Kafranbel have attacked the Pope in this week's banner message.
It reads: “Pope! Your queer submissiveness allowed Assad to kill fathers like Fadi Haddad in order to ignite a civil war”.
Raed Fares, a Kafranbel activist who helped prepare today's banner, said protesters were angered at the Pope's apparent reluctance to criticise the Assad government over the continuing violence.
"The Pope has stayed silent while he can see that Assad is slaughtering us," Fares told the Guardian.
He said Fadi Haddad, who is mentioned in the banner was a Christian father from Homs, who was killed on Thursday.
Fares denied that the banner was sectarian. "You can't imagine the relationship between Muslims and Christians here, we are fighting on the same side, we have attacked Muslim saints and we still do. Our revolution is not religious."
Fares expressed he was sorry that the Vatican had called off the visit..

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