Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Old Bloc Mentality

Syria  Al Jazeera Blog 

Russia on Wednesday warned that the "bloodbath" in Syria would continue if the West stuck to its demand for President Bashar al-Assad's ouster. 
"If the position of our partners remains the departure of this leader who they do not like, the bloodbath will continue," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after talks with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius.
The nearly 20-month conflict in Syria has killed 36,000 people according to activists.
However Assad's allies in Beijing and Moscow insist that it is up to Syrians themselves to determine their future without foreign interference.
- Agence France Presse - Terrorist Assad bombed Homs

I can not understand Russian mentality, they sit ineffectual unsc ‘ peach and security” they are talking and walking about  “ bloodbath”. Remember this revolution start with peaceful demonstration on the streets, the innocence people were killed because they want to change. Instead the criminal terrorist Assad change which he didn’t like it and so he demolished the country, that is not a leadership but “terrorist”, and happen to be Russia likes him  for their geopolitical reason,  so Russia is this criminal regime protector   and master, they speak of thug instead of world leadership of benevolences “ peace and security” well I say to the world remember this, in my view Russia thinking will be harmed immensely Russia’s future more than they will gain.  The world is digital age information flow unlimited speed and space, “ one global family”, refutation or  image  if you like   Russia can not sustained their  old bloc mentality  and image and protecting this criminal terrorist noting more than a butcher in a slaughter house! 

Update: West sees and understand the deformities and benefits of the democracy and  the Syrian people legitimate  demand. West is not like or dislike the terrorist Assad, by any mean West is not a nice guy either, on the contrary but  they know that benefit of “the GREATER” peace and security by supporting the Syrian people instead the terrorist criminal Assad who was not elected by the Syrian people in anyway but born into the criminal blood bathed chair!