Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tales of Warrior, His Grace and Revolution

Great Picture of #FSA Commander & Martyr Abu al Furat kissing the hand of Abu alTayeb who was Martyred Today. May God Accept Them Both Into His Mercy

This older revolutionary was a father, grandfather, uncle and granduncle etc... of the revolutionaries, a grand family of revolutionary, the warrior was  martyred.  He was  fought his holiest obligation to his people his land alongside with his sons and his grandsons...with his bloody passion! Wonders, what he was thinking of he had to gun pointed on his very own young people! But then he wisdom told him that was a part of cost to pay to his revolution!  Hoping the  cost of agony will not be vain! He gave his one life to his people as a preciousness gift, that shall be a shining medallion of the land along with so many great people who gave their one life to the people and the land!   

Note: the above the revolutionary who kissed the older's hand gracefully, was a very prominent  FSA commander at Aleppo, was martyred few months back while he was leading  a battle of liberation of airbase!