Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Propaganda War

Colonel Malik al-Kurdi, deputy commander for the Free Syrian Army, told Al Jazeera that the Syrian regime’s claim that rebels a chemical weapon at Khan al-Assal is baseless:

“This kind of weapons is not available with the Free Syrian Army, as they do not have the (technical) capabilities for using chemical weapons that need laboratories and other means for operating them which the FSA cannot possess at this stage.

In principle, we fully reject in absolute terms, the use of this kind of weapons because they are not defensive weapons, but are designed for mass murder, which is contrary to the principles of the FSA and the Syrian revolution."

Propaganda war, It is so oblivious why criminal Assad lay blaming FSA, he may blame all the atrocity  and killing also carried out FSA. That may be simply fired by the criminal own troop, looks like more authentic so few of his soldiers display as causalities through his own propaganda tv.  

Urgent: Baba AMR bombardment by shells containing toxic gases were recorded more than 10 gas inhalation so far most unconscious. This comes after several unsuccessful raids to the lion in the neighborhood gangs