Monday, March 4, 2013

US Empowering Syrian Revolutionary

US Secretary of State John Kerry said in Riyadh Monday that Washington will work to "empower" Syria's opposition, while warning arch-foe Iran that time for talk on Tehran's nuclear ambitions could run out.
Mr Kerry stressed that there was no question of arming the Syrian opposition, even as his Saudi counterpart Prince Saud al-Faisal insisted on the right of Syrians to self-defence.

The United States will continue to work with its "friends to empower the Syrian opposition," Mr Kerry told reporters during a joint press conference with the Saudi foreign minister.

Asked about reports of arms being sent to Syria's rebels from countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Mr Kerry replied: "The moderate opposition has the ability to make sure that the weapons are getting to them and not to the wrong hands."

The ground radicalisation because of no support the revolutionary FSA on the ground, when the Golf States come to aid with them weapons  there will be radicalisation will become lessen up or moderation on the ground, within many reasons. Goodness will be prevail! Ofcourse everyone work for their own interest but, work on right-side " Good for the whole" not for their own feeble greediness!