Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mind Blogging Sound

Eternal Love  from in here  

The Lone Star of Night Sky

Our reverend journey
Always there for us
The Unknown eternal
O how we long for eternity
To accomplish in earthly time
But we are stars dust
The brilliant star clear night sky
Shining, we are the lone star
Orphan of universes
So alone so splendors
The lone eternal voyager
O love you look at me
How lonesome and brilliant
The lone star of night sky

First draft while I listen this piece... I could not write my poems for sometimes I have been suffering  from depression... gather... so...I only painted two  stillife recently not bad at all given that I have not taken up  brushes for so long time... Make me so tearful that world so much to love and so beautiful and grand... and also so much ugly but I dare not think of these tonight...