Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the unsc Pround Biggest Terrorists

The Syrian civil war has taken a massive psychological and physical toll on the most innocent of victims -- the children.

More than 2 million Syrian children have been afflicted by trauma, malnutrition or disease, the aid group Save the Children said in a report Wednesday.

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unsc is the biggest  terrorist( terrorist is not only bomb, but many different ways, unsc terrorize and shacking the fundamental of world  peace and security for their own gain!) group in this planet, they are the most malicious terrorists group its operation under banner of “ world peace and security”  they are not only childern killers and mass murders, but also destroyer of world humanity,  an affiliation of criminal operative under banner of  peace and security!  Their harrowing rampant abusing power for their own gain and abandonment of its charter, no place of the world conscience! Condemn the most malevolence unsc! Gosh it is so small the world able  to  flush it down its drain this nasty bug unsc!

Childhood, most precious jewel of our life, core period of our life, just once, never go back, utter longings of the innocence season, of profound most special places on our heart, sometimes vividly  lovingly  it comes to dearly alive, sometime hazy horizon endless dreamy magical panorama!  We never able to go back but only memory in our heart, everything in there for us like a reserved rich chest  of wonderland, provided us endless imagination and comfort, able to blossom healthy adult hood, able to us functions properly our place in this earth, give us courage and shelters us when we faces on advisories and dangers. Without that childhood how can you deal with this nasty grown up place?  This immense children suffering, their silence wounds heartbroken how to mend, that is the world  should ask, as the children only witness betrayers, the world is the betrayer, they feel abandonment. They only feel there is no place of world where they are safe and nourish their precious childhood. The world took away their most precious nourishment, instead the world give them profound wounds suffering, hunger, disease and deprivation of their right to learn! And how they blossom without fertile soil?  This world vision is twisted  and is blinded by fitly of few greedy superpower for their own agendas, your end is won;t good whoever support the criminal!