Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Heroic Battle of Damascus

Urgent video - Message 

News of the Levant always hope to be true and wait know the truth .........
Important Please publishing a wide range

Message from FSA Commador Abu Ali Dumaini calls for Damascus people evacuation within a maximum 3 days period and as we are  going to march Damascus and liberation of Damascus and liquidation of  Bashar and his military gangs.  

Wow Warriors are wearing all black! Greatest fighters gathering and they are ready for  their heroic battle for liberation of Damascus and liberation Syrian people from suffering!  Might God bless them and guide them for the greatest victory in their way! Thank you very much God- Have a beautiful day!  

P.S. Dear GOD, Bless and guide the FSA heroes' swift victory, make sure kill the criminal assad and few of his gangs only if possible, and make everyone surrender!  So that everyone gets their life back and our little friends going to the school soon again!