Saturday, March 23, 2013

Doing Things Lawfully

Putin: Hey you idiot,  make sure you kill them lawfully! As long as all of them are terrorists extremists, you are wrathfully lawfully liquidated them remember  that! Even little children too, they are extreme terrorists!
Criminal Assad: Yeah I gotchar!  I made them all extremest and terrorist lawfully!
Putin: Hey you world, criminal assad is liquidating  extremely extremism terrorists, he is killing lawfully the terrorists,   as terrorism violates the International law!
World: how about babies and children?
Putin: Well they are all terrorists and extremest, as they against assad, so his killing them lawfully! He is doing right thing!
World: are you sure? We will be calling meetings and meetings and we will then talk about it length of time, re this issue.  We will then launch an  investigation within next few years!
Putin: Good on you world, you gotchar too! We are very good backscratchers!