Saturday, March 9, 2013

Preparing Birth of Syrian Transitional Gov

Syrian opposition meeting pledges stable transition

Mr Riad Hijab highest-ranking dissident

Representatives of the Syrian National Coalition yesterday announced their determination to provide a stable transitional government that will lead Syria smoothly into a free post-Assad era.
Syria will be safe after Assad falls and we are not waiting for that to happen in order to take things forward. It’s only a matter of time,” said Riad Hijab, the former Syrian prime minister and now the highest-ranking dissident.
 “Today’s talks were a step forward and very successful. The transitional government has been formed with the people’s interests and choices. It is made up of representatives of people and will include all factions of Syria in the government,” he said, adding that the coalition government insisted on Syria’s sovereignty.
He noted that the Syrian Free Army took up arms to defend the Syrians’ lives, dignity, honour and glory.

“We in the National Free Alliance stand with the Syrian Free Army in the same trench and call for its support with money, weapons and media to defend the Syrian citizens”, Hijab said, stressing that the support of the Free Army was the only way to change reality and get out of the situation which “the killer brought us to”.
He expressed deep gratitude and thanks to Qatar for sponsoring and hosting the conference and for its support and assistance to the Syrian people “in the face of one of the worst tyrants throughout history”.