Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NATO is the Killer!

(Reuters) - The refusal of international powers to provide Patriot missile support for rebel-held areas of northern Syria sends a message to President Bashar  criminal al-Assad to "do what you want", Syrian opposition leader Moaz Alkhatib said on Wednesday
NATO said on Tuesday it had no intention of intervening militarily in Syriaafter Alkhatib said he had asked the United States to use Patriot missiles to protect rebel-held areas from Assad's air power.

"Yesterday I was really surprised by the comment issued from the White House that it was not possible to increase the range of the Patriot missiles to protect the Syrian people," Alkhatib told Reuters in an interview.

"I'm scared that this will be a message to the Syrian regime telling it 'Do what you want'."




The former head of a UN monitoring mission who tried in vain to secure a ceasefire in Syria's civil war said on Wednesday it was now time to consider imposing a no-fly zone over the country.

The comments from Norwegian General Robert Mood came after NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen ruled out Western military intervention and called for a political solution to the two-year-old crisis which has claimed an estimated 70,000 lives.
"I have come to the conclusion there has to be a levelling on the playing field," Mood, who headed the UN mission in Syria until last July, told Britain's BBC TV.

"To level the playing field now in the military terms would be to consider no-fly zones, to consider whether the Patriots in Turkey could have a role also in taking on some responsibility for the northern part of Syria."

[Source: Reuters]

Ask them again again, If I were Mr  Alkhatib, what the NATO have done so far, what  western allies and US  have done so far!   Their fat weighted morbid penguin suite cruel wording game is killer of thousand of civilians, millions of people suffering! How many more life will be killed then  they may dropping their jaw-lines, and may some sweat on action!

Update: The biggest killer is the hypotactic NATO, they put large battery missiles, display their powerful male ego mongering plunk at Turkish boarder- protecting NATO, they are the defender of their own toes! – Yes the defender  at the boarder for their own NATO,  gather every information from their super spies,  know exactly what has happening this little criminal Assad, they didn't do anything, let him airstrikes after airstrikes to populated areas and killed thousands people, they just sitting at the defender dumb boo, never even brink their eyeballs  thousand of people were killed on airstrikes light below their noses, they never triggers one little feeble hearts for the innocence people! NATO is the most heartless cold blooded murderous!  Huge inhuman oracular machine gathering!  The are not a human so they don;t feel! 

This is NATO countries  western democracy and most of them are also EU except US and Turkey not yet but they are soon too! they let them criminal assad killing thousand of civilian...!

I strikethrough, he is not deserve such title! Criminal right word for him!