Saturday, March 30, 2013

NATO vs Babies - World Heavy Weight Competition


Dead Syrian Baby from criminal Assad airstrike!

Dead Syrian Baby from criminal Assad airstrike!

Fighter jets airstrikes after airstrike, bombs after booms scuds bombs, big cites with  densely populated areas kills  babies, children innocence civilians. Now 2 years, Syrian people ask international community for NO FLY ZONE for their FSA liberated area least, north  vast North liberated now, about some news suggestion that 70% FSA revolutionary is controlling, on the ground they are immensely superiority in every aspects than criminal Assad gangs, they ask international community covering up by NO FLY ZONE, so that internally displacement millions people go there least not fleeting neighbouring counties, practical economical reason too-  but they complete gone to dummies conveniently earshot eyeshot mouthshot, shut themselves up from millions of children agony!  AND NATO Yes the NATO they are bunch of gung-ho males chauvinist hotshots cycling around their buffoon of buffalo ego-  deadly charted  6 missiles battery at their toe shucking distant at Turkish boarder target on the feeble criminal hearts, saying “ ok you little feeble beetle dung you can airstrikes to kill babies children  there inside boarder not outside boarders in here where my toes are! And “ NATO is not intervene!”  Flicking their muscles at world championship of weight lifting competition with babies and children!  That is foulest mouths washing gargles of declaration  I have never seen!  Yeah NATO indeed claim their heavy weight championship by beating killing babies and children under rubble  Horribly horray despicable NATO!

UPDATE: One of the dumbstruck cruellest thing that NATO missile battery right on the board where, every day refugees fleeting and where everyday NATO can see and can hear criminal  assad airstrikes to kill hundred civilians daily,  while the NATO is drowned by self-love reflection- buffoons of  buffalo! If the NATO is truly powerful it should know how to be beautiful too!  Beauty and power is two side of same coin!