Monday, March 18, 2013

US Supporting Arming FSA Revolutionary

The United States would not object to Britain and France arming Syrian rebel groups now fighting to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad, secretary of state John Kerry said.
"President Obama has made it clear that the United States does not stand in the way of other countries that have made a decision to provide arms, whether it’s France or Britain or others," said Mr Kerry. "He believes that we need to change President Assad’s calculation. "

All these people who against arming FSA, they can not see the criminal gets arm from Iran and Russia slaughtering innocence civilian so these who against arming FSA is, let Syrian people die from criminal assad  indiscriminate missile bombs  assault and wipe them out let the criminal stay in power? He will not give up unless force to him to so. He doesn't care whether Syrian completely is destroyed or million of people were killed, he is mealy interest in his survival or regime's,  all his deliberately destruction says about his mentally of,  so that international community is too hard so that they  give up the revolutionary. Well that is not happen for sure!

Update: some of EU countries against the arming,  more wider destruction and worry about jihadist. But we have to consider without arming FSA that  mean stalemate long period of time, both-side will not give up, naturally civilians casualty will be increase and refugees, a huge human crisis is coming, spill over neighboring countries,  all that account into, which has  more heavy weighted. In my view jihadist will not  be a major problems, among them very few numbers are extremists from foreigner fighters,  rest of them are Syrian they joined extremist group because their rich resources money and weapons,  which FSA didn't have, as majority of them will be go back to  the FSA when they have been armed.  Also after all of this, do you anyone can see criminal assad deserve to be alive?

Additional Weapons that could change the game in Syria