Sunday, March 10, 2013

Confused Sexual Orientation

World of so many different type of women or men, sure some  are interestingly boring and some are not, some are so so.  They are all beacon of glittering their standing in their gateway, with profound armour and fencing their territory! Fair enough!  We have no problems with them all as that is their life as long as they are not  force us into their camp.  I am admiring whatever they do as we are human being, we can love we can hate whoever whatever we fancy! Although I try to open minded of, but my bigotry, along with my deep suspicion of human nature, a bit of  puzzling two type of women i) woman who hate women profoundly seriously  ii) woman who hate men deeply utterly. Why men never say they hate women or hate men?  A conclusion long after I have been thinking things over and I have seen people, you don; t need to hate men because of you are a successful female gay with bush smelly ambit carrier or you don’t need to be successful conniving heterosexual because you are women hater,  out of your feverous reasons!  This mean bisexuals all love women and all love men? Are we all bigots? Gambling gambling