Friday, March 8, 2013

Syrian Genocide

 Syrian genocide same as Kosovo genocide, why world is silence Syrian genocide?  Mr Moaz al-Khatib the Syrian president  anguish interview with CNN  Amanpour. Unmeasurable human  tragedy  yet to unfold, there would be disease like black plague because basic infrastructural services  are failed not only food and shelter, criminal assad drive Syrian people out of their own country and make them stateless and using as barging power for his own survivable.  the Revolutionary FSA removed UN peacekeeping forcefrom front line-where criminal assad army heavy bombardment - for a their own safety reason andRed Cross just go there get them out.  I barrow from Qatar Prime Minister  "...assad violets all sort of law every day..." as criminal assad regime lost legitimacy international community by all mean  UN or Red Cross or no one need to abide  criminal regime law! That is for sure! 

Feeble of Russia, you can see the geography, why Russia is supporting criminal assad without Tartus navel base Russia has no foothold of that region and other security reason i.e. phobia of Arab spring and Islamists power Chechnya ... so that reason Russia will not give up criminal Assad until certain point of  time, still their bargain power remain intact for protecting their position of interest.  But Russia should learn what is going  around what comes around, all the Arab League support Syrian revolution! So Russia should calculated their interest past speed that reason which side bread has honey in it. New free Syria immensely better prospect than any other venture  they have ventured so far!