Friday, March 15, 2013

Free Syrian Army Creed of Revolution

NOTICE: Our Chief of Staff Gen. Dr. Salim Idriss is to give a speech to the people of Syria within the coming hours on the occasion of the 2nd year anniversary of the Syrian revolution

Message from FSA Chief of Staff - 2nd Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution! 

“…Our children is the future of this country, yes,  the criminal regime is killing our future…! We do not accept this we will never accept this, therefore our duty the duty of  Free Syrian Army to defend all Syrian, we the Free Syrian Army for freedom democracy for all Syrian.  Whoever they are; Sunni or Shia Alawite or christian  or Druze,  we are one Syria every Syrian can live in peace and liberty. This is our dream,  this is what we are fighting for...!