Friday, March 22, 2013

Chemical Weapon is Criminal Wild Card


The United States demanded that the Syrian regime allow full access to UN weapons inspectors and cooperate with a probe into claims that chemical arms may have been used in the conflict."We support an investigation that pursues any and all credible allegations of possible use of chemical weapons," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told inspectors.
"And we demand the full cooperation of the Assad regime in letting the investigators in and letting them go wherever the trail leads them," she said, adding they should have "free and unfettered" access.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon announced on Thursday that the United Nations would investigate claims by both the Syrian regime and the opposition that the other side had unleashed chemical weapons in an attack this week.

 Criminal Assad most prized possession chemical weapon his wild card 

It's difficult to quantify how large its stockpiles are, but experts believe that Syria has the largest program in the Middle East and the fourth largest in the world.
"It's like a 'wild card' -- it's the core of Syrian security policy because it prevents Israel doing anything too rash."
"If you shoot a missile at a a population center, you can be fairly certain that anyone it hits will die," she said. "Chemical weapons use is not as clear cut as that -- it depends on topography, weather, how you deliver the chemical weapons, and you can't always be clear it will cause maximum casualty."

Their real value is in their psychological power, she said. "It's a fantastic weapon of fear."
They can cause economic damage too if their use contaminates agricultural areas or water, making them also "a good weapon of disruption," she said. 
"Keep in mind that this is Assad's most prized possession. How likely is it that he's going to hand over such important stockpiles to his enemies?" she said.

One disturbing possibility, though -- raised by the opposition -- is that the Syrian government would accuse rebel forces of using them in order to justify then retaliating in kind.

Chemical weapon cheaper than nuclear weapon as mass destruction very effective! Does World thinking let criminal keep his chemical weapon and his killer seat? Wow! Awesome stuff world truly yours only!   

Update BTW: Other day Russian un envoy were saying that their friend lair-criminal assad promised them, they will not use chemical weapon, so Russia trust lair’s lies, sake of world peace and security!