Friday, March 2, 2012

World Must Help Syrian People Dream Come True

This From CNN: Just killing innocent people, lots of them are  young children!

This from Al Jazeera: people  collecting snowy water for drinking Homs

This From AP:  Homs completely destruction  

World inabilities and underestimated Assad sadist brutality and over estimated Russia!  But any way it is perfect excuse now the world move in or interfering or arm the Free Syrian Army. Everyone loves talking their fresh minted heroic hardcore talking “  Assad final judgement day …etc” well you are not “ to do” yet so  the world move bit of fast and  “can do” not just talking. All these world hotshots word from  their political wonks advisers whose thinking  are sterilized their minds are mind field, they can not see one inches dark outside their zone.  Like a rat in laboratory, around around… make sure same track all the times so they never misstepping.  They are talking about Al Qaeda et al…but they don’t know if  Syrian people suffering keep going on, then they can take whatever whoever they can get their help.  As they are never  give up their revolution, so much blood split, that is their passion and  their love! Their bloody  love flame no one able to be taken away from their souls, souls belong to them forever! The world leaderships must help Syrian people, so that their dream come true fast speed!  

Daniels praised the people of Homs, saying: "All of Baba Amr supported us. They treated us like kings. We were in one of the most protected houses. These people are heroes who are being massacred."
 As his eyes teared up, Daniels added: "Those who saved our lives are surely dead, although I don't know. 
It was nine days of non-stop nightmare with our hopes crashing over a silly detail just about every day.” 
Paul Conroy, 47, was speaking from a hospital bed in Britain, where he returned a couple of days ago after being smuggled to Lebanon on Tuesday."It's not a war, it's a massacre, an indiscriminate massacre of men, women and children," he told Sky News television.
"There's still thousands of people in Homs... they're living in bombed-out wrecks, children six to a bed, rooms full of people waiting to die," he said. "They see no relief, nothing, other than waiting for the moment the soldiers come in, or the shell comes through the door."
What is the world should aware that Assad regime carried out massacre in Homs, vengeful attacked civilian or injured people. That is why they don’t want to let Red Cross in.  only option so clear that world must arm  the Free Syrian Army. 

Arming FSA  there would be more defection from Assad regime and military, because internally, majority of military, they are Sunnis,  they don’t like their own people to be killed. Also they know that  Assad regime lost, but they afraid of defection because FSA not equipped so if FSA strong they will defect.   While West must tightening their sanctions, also International Criminal Court lunching investigation of Assad et al, war criminal for the atrocity.