Friday, March 30, 2012

Arming The Warriors

Free Syrian Army

So we know now Annan peace song sheet is gentlemen long lunch chitchat, cost of Syrian people blood, no more!  All the Syrian people will never every accept Assad. Look around what he  has done to them, no leaders survives so much blood in his hand. Syria is relatively young population and relatively high literacy about 80% according CIA book, they will never forgive what Assad has done to them and their country! That wounds never never heal as long as Assad there.  Also how can anyone one accept Assad claim 22 million people country belong to his own family!  Super duper hotshots with their super powers not only hid inside their shelve but raise their swords! Bit out of  box thinking. If you keep drag on the problems are getting bigger more tangled: yes, arming the Free Syrian Army is the start and “friend of Syria should involved, there is no way you can solving this problems as a bystander with nice little forsooth brittles. Simple thinking, there is only one problem, need remove only the one problem, the problem should be removed, and that is much cost effective! Afraid of civil war? well already in a civil war!!    There is lots of defection among high ranking army recently, arming the FSA mean encourage more more  defection that make Assad army destabilized, meantime encourage more defection for creating and  for providing  them safe place for them and their family.  I think

FSA professional trained solders,  they know how to fight, they will fight equably as warriors, protect their own country,  their nation and their people as that is their mission, they have more than  willing to do so! That is under utilized under  NOT used precious ‘RESOURCES” you can not afford not using them!    

AFP Room with Rose, Beautiful!

Update: I mean terms of cost, some of the Oil rich country few billions would peace of cakes or their  candles sticks, wow beautiful rooms with lots of gold in there nice smile also can be killer smile too!  If you are smart you can eat egg as well as meat too! You can sell the weapons for providing FSA,  you can win the war too. As Russia doing it now but they will be a loser soon! Creates jobs for making weapons, which is you need your election year,  few contracts arm dealing need, few  fighter jets start with etc… drilling friendly oily pockets! Oily rich countries they don’t mind dipping in their pockets for the weapon for sure!  Oily hearts also heart of gold too for their own kind! Or for them that is much cheaper than whole region blow up, that would be immense cost for worldly wide,  economic recovery is fragile…, keep the fighting within, so arming and safe zone, encouraging defection…   
Update Again: In my view soliders from Assad side they are afraid of defection because Free Syria Army not enough equip yet, if environment safe enough, they will lots of defection, first and second waves of defection will do the job and than from there..., obviously very few at top controlling but how could they can control majority of the Army who is made up majority of Sunni.