Friday, March 23, 2012

Silence SC

All Syrian Jobs Singing love songs at streets


All the love songs are same, same theme whether you know the lyric or not all the same;  I will die for you I will give you all my hearts and O Syria O Syria… singing their love song...

SC is so very silence, do you think,  they have gone to deaf!  Silence SC… they may do dodgy things, under their table, shield with their well carved national  tortoises shell…, as always before storm the sea is very claim…! You know they have world power, and they are deeply fearful, powerfully strange each other,  their tongues tied with misruled strings, they are watching each other like under covered thugs!

Update: UN Security Council members think they are the knight of their own kingdom; they serve their own kingdom expense of the thousand of innocents Syrian people life.  The thing is the one problem, simple thinking, One problem, is the problem, if the one problem is removed,  there would no problems( yes there is always other problems but… we leave that later)… the problem is Syrian people thinks Syria is belong to them, and Assad thinks Syria his family owned that is difference.

They are sitting at pent up airy chair and chewing their emotion at blackmailing table. But the things if you let other people black mailing you they then know they can summon your inner most longing. The way you get around this is that so you have to become a scumbag and a bereaved blackmailer too! So weakness become your strength!  I am just saying!

Thugish Update: SC hotshots and sitting at a nice round table, they are snarling responsibilities and  eyeballing each other. They affiliate each other dimwits, association with succumbs, tailor made their scorched virtue, syndicate with criminals,  killers and tyrannies,  foghorn their purity and bullet proof graces   …,  been thinking acutely SC they are the high class thugs…, they are sitting at bareheaded, under the laurel tree and strewing peace peace  pea soup while every spoonful  syrup syrup the Syrian people is dying