Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Syrian Army Must Be Armed

Arab Countries Should Armed to Free Syrian Army 

Um Russian, China et al the world famed,  graciously knitting their own political prisoners skeletons in their Gulag backyard. UN human right is a farce, like retirees of afternoon majoring games.  No one take really seriously wining, just fun game of leprous time, few high pitch voiced gargles  and spit to the microphones and eyeballing cameras, make sure their faces are to be shown right angles but  their courage are twisted left angles for sure, well yes,  his/her CV promotions, no one really cares  about traitorous cold hungry Syrian people life.  They had to do something about it; that was it,  a just meetings after meeting that is they are paid for doing nothing, invited in-house foghorn journalists broadcasting their shameful CV promotions expenses of other people suffering.  They have plenty of tools, they didn’t have even bothers to look around, they don’t have their own initiative to do so, or others calculated too much in sitting their fat ass in their imbricate chair. Wonder if their children in that situation, one UK journalist for 13 Syrian people, that make me immensely sad, I am not saying wronged to be rescued  the UK journalist, but 13 precious lives to given  to one man life, deeply touches me and same times  something not quite right in here. I am not sure where is world heading for! People talking about Al Qaeda and Hamas, worry about them to armed  to Free Syrian Army, Libyan case was mentioned Al Qaeda etc… but  they were witch hunting. Free Syrian Army must to be armed,  what option they have, they are so brave and immense determination to carried out their revolution, well world you should not desert their wish.  Armed the Free Syrian Army, then if they fight to death that is their choice, least the world  “ Friends of Syria”  should give them the choice!