Friday, March 16, 2012

Wrong Assumption with Google Nibble


Some people born with freedom you don’t know  what is mean the freedom. I am not saying here whole world should suffer from dictatorship so that people  should have deep appreciation what democracy mean!  Syrians, they give their life, you know, hard to explain to people who has no experience this kind of love. It is love! When your country crisis you feel more deeply about it!  But then everyone has right to agree and disagree that is finest democracy, the freedom! I tell you what, what is the democracy? very simple term in my view, in here I go Ok!  When we wake up , first thing in the morining,  we come across from our news media foghorns about the US president, as he is the world biggest economy in his shoulders,  his movement  every possible angles is scrutinized,  full flee fly to follow his gestures, and  what he said in his wordings, how many grey hairs and winkles( I think Yankee acutely enjoy  or approval  their president have full of grey hairs and full of winkles from  no lined face and black hair- saying that you better work hard for my vote, so you should have full of grey hair of thing! Bit bunch of sadists), the world makes draws drollness drones comment about his policy his job performances and his smiles. And pious vampire “never wrong” pundits  and even dark drug barons think they have god given right to  go after the US president for their key board with passion their  sleepless night at steep bourbon-coke furnishing their super superiority, remaining him that they are the true owner of their Nation or democracy, saying that “ you better performing…approvingly his grey hairs to snowy white transformation after 4 more years!  Otherwise I will not give you my precious one vote….!”  Ok make it short, not even mention it the current US presidential campaign too!  OK instead going deeper…,  how wonderful is that? How splendors is that, the systems made for the people, truly working for the people! The president role is truly service to his people, his nation!

Well in Syrian, this uprising begins with little children, innocence little children they speak out true about their president! They said that their president is wrong!  The wrongs, they should speak out the true, that is what they learned from the school, they can see what is right what is wrong so they were expressing their mind into pictures and words truefully. They should have reward and praising “hooray what a promising jewel of our nation!  Gave them a huge sassy for their coolness and smartness. Instead, Assad arrest them and put them in jails,  these little children,  some of these children tortured and killed. Try to squished into the jewel of nation into just pack of rumbles and try to make them submission. Well they say NO, clearly loudly… Assad you die or I die! That is what they are saying!   Well we know rest of the story what has been unfold… aftermath…
I also disagrees this kind of assumption,saying that still significance number of back up Assad that is wrong, yes the calculation may roughly right, using Google nibble and measuring space but, what the author must also should  aware that; i.e. Damascus is capital, majority of the government body, large number of people directly working for the government or state owned enterprise, so Assad easily mobilized that number people, simply tell each household “go out”…etc, so 150,000 people gathering was not,  no way justified as  significance number of people still supporting Assad given the underlying facts. In Libya, Gaddafi used pay to people get out for him! In my view, if the oppositions must united regardless religions, they are Syrian, they should not divvied by religions or any other mean, that is part of maturities of their nobility