Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Deal With a Lair?


"The Annan Plan is 'worse than feckless', because it buys the Assad regime time and precludes more effective options. ... By Robert Grenier

Ha ha I agree! It is a great stuff! Dealing with a criminal habitual lair is not soft spoken eyeball gazing mind game! Dealing with habitual lair: rule i) liar is a liar ii) liar is a liar, iii) liar is a liar AND inject lethal injections to the lair, leaded by a clear mined merciless executioner from high mountain not a high minded peace maker who comes from flat cosmopolitan! Eyeball gazing sweet candy talking only for retro gallantries valentines! Modern love play is all cobras gazing!

This is Syria Citizen Video Live Blog, there is no media so Syrian people is doing by themselves! Wouldn’t be great for the civilization if the great hackers around world lender some of their great wizardry skill helping Syrian people? Ending their suffering!